How to Join our Poker Community










Step 1. Download PokerStars application for Windows or Mac


Please note that mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad/Android do not currently support

home games feature required for this poker club. Therefore you must play on Windows/Mac.


This can be downloaded from



Step 2. Install and Run PokerStars application on your computer

PokerStars Login Prompt which is shown when the application is started.



Step 3. Register for PokerStars - Click "Create your Stars Account now"

Follow through the Wizard to create your PokerStars account.


Step 4. Login to PokerStars


Enter your login details as just created.


Step 5. Click Home Games

The home games icon looks like this


and it is found in the bottom right corner of the lobby.


If you cannot see it, you might need to click the 3 dots to expand the menu.



Step 6. Join the club!

You will need to click to join a poker club, you will then see the following prompt.


Please enter club ID number 3 3 1 8 1 7 3

Invitation code will be provided to you by an existing member - just ask!

Please then type your real name and review PokerStars terms and conditions.





Step 7. Register for a tournament

Within the club lobby (if you cannot see this, double click the club ID in the Home Games screen)


Click Schedule


Then, you will see listed at the top, the current cash tables.


At the bottom are the current tournaments. Highlight the one you wish to join, then click Register to register for the tournament.



We look forward to seeing you soon,

and wish you the best of luck in our poker league.








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